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Can you be gay in In Stars and Time?

Insertdisc5’s In Stars and Time is a turn-based, fantasy RPG that follows a young man named Siffrin (he/they) and his companions in the final stages of their quest to defeat the mysterious king who has frozen much of the country of Vauguarde in time. The party has already gathered all of the orbs needed to access the king’s lair when we start this game, so they get to spend one day and night together before facing him down.

During this time, you get to know your companions: Mirabelle (she/her), Odelie (she/her), Isabeau (he/him), and Boniface a.k.a Bonnie (they/them). Mirabelle and Isabeau are close to Siffrin in age, while Odelie is old enough to view them all as kids still. Bonnie is the youngest of the group, having been orphaned after their sister fell victim to the king’s time curse.

After their final night together, the party ventures into the king’s lair, the House that Mirabelle used to study in as an acolyte of the Change God. There are three floors worth of dungeons they must tackle, complete with puzzles and monsters called Sadnesses, in order to face off with the king. Along the way, Siffrin and crew eventually make a mistake or die, leading to Siffrin discovering he’s in a time loop that only they can remember.

These characters are diverse in their skin tones and countries of origin, but the main question as always is, can you be gay?

Can you be gay in In Stars and Time?

The answer to this question is a little hard to get into without spoilers, but suffice it to say that the game does hint at the potential for Siffrin to engage in a same-gender relationship later on. We won’t detail with whom, or how that plays out, you’ll just have to check out the game yourself.

That said, there are several queer characters in the main party, including Siffrin. Two of these characters are asexual, one is aromantic, one is transgender, and one is nonbinary.

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