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Tavern Talk combines D&D with Coffee Talk

What do you get if you combine the chill vibes of the smooth and soothing Coffee Talk with battle-hardened adventurers from a Dungeons and Dragons world, looking to relax before they head off onto their next quest? The answer is Tavern Talk.

Developed and published by Gentle Troll Entertainment, Tavern Talk dives into a story where you, the player, are the tavern’s innkeeper, which – in typical Pen-and-Paper style – means that you get a say in the weird, wacky, and wonderful situations that occur in your tavern, The Wayfarer’s Inn. It also means you’ll come face-to-face with a selection of weird, but wonderful, adventurers.

What seems like an ordinary tavern is actually anything but. Inside you serve beverages infused with magic that makes each and every quest a successful one – but only if you know what ingredients to use, and who to give them to. This means yes, just like Coffee Talk, you’ll have to pay attention to the various different characters that stumble into your humble tavern and make sure you provide them with the boost they need at the right time. No pressure or anything. They just might… not return if you don’t give them the right thing. It’s fine. Don’t worry about it.

Each drink you serve has its own unique ability. Some may make it so you have a burst of strength, while others will grant you intelligence fit for a scholar. Regardless of what they do, each can possibly lead to a new path for you to travel down. Choices, choices…

It isn’t just Dungeons and Dragon and chill vibes, however. With each piece of information, you gather from characters and rumors, you can send people off on quests. Strangely enough, all of these quests seem to have something to do with the world’s fate too. So while you may not be in the hustle and bustle of combat yourself, your choices will seemingly have consequences beyond your mystical tavern.

But what are the vibes for Tavern Talk? According to the game’s Steam page, players can expect absurdity, situational humour, and every gay gamer’s favourite trope: found family.

The release date for Tavern Talk has yet to be announced, however, the game is currently trending on Kickstarter. It’s already managed to smash its goal and unlock several new features, such as a new character and even a port for the Nintendo Switch.

In the meantime, you can find out more about the game via the developer and publisher’s Twitter and official website.

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