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Getting into Games – top tips from games recruitment specialists

Getting into Games was a panel talk that took place on Day Three of this year’s Gayming LIVE. The panel was sponsored by The Multiplayer Group and featured Alex Lambert & Jaymes Chapman from MPG alongside a Katie Jones from Skillsearch and the Chair of Out Making Games, James Dodd.

The panel discussed all aspects of getting into games, including how to stand out to employers, top tips for resumes, things LGBTQ people should look for in an employer and the best ways an employer can support their LGBTQ staff.

We’ve teased out some of the top tips here, but be sure to watch the whole panel in the video below.

Networking is key

Get to events, make connections and get yourself known in the industry. If a recruiter has your resume or application and someone already knows you, you’ve got a much better chance of getting that job!

There are also many organizations that you can connect with to help with access to the industry too. Examples include Limit Break and IntoGames in the UK, and Women In Games or Gay Gaming Professionals in the US.

Research the position

If you’re going to interview for a studio, make sure you’ve played their games, or at least watched some videos on them! Don’t say you hate mobile games in an interview with a mobile games studio. Also, find out who’s interviewing you and check them out on LinkedIn before hand. Do you have any similarities or common ground that will help make conversation.

In your initial application, tailor your application or resume to the studio – if you’ve played their game, say it! If you’ve done some work similar to what you’re applying to, then tell them that. Good thorough research on the companies you’re applying to is key.

Research the company

Does the company have a DEI officer? Do they have DEI policies available on their website? Do they work with LGBTQ and diversity organizations? Do they sponsor awesome LGBTQ gaming events?! These are just some of the ways of finding out if the company is going to be a positive employer for LGBTQ staff. Also look out for if they have an LGBTQ employee group and what they do on social media during Pride month, LGBTQ history month or Trans Awareness Week.

Share your abilities

If you’re applying for a coding/engineering role, add the engines and coding you’re familiar with. Put your languages and engines on your resume and your LinkedIn! Companies know who they’re looking for, make sure they know it’s you!

Don’t be afraid to rule yourself out

Don’t be afraid to be honest on your resume about game genres that you are NOT passionate about, or specific types of games that you ethically do not want to work on. Being open and honest upfront will help save a lot of wasted time from your side and the company’s side. There’s no point trying to apply for a company who make games you will not be interested in.

Resume polishing tips
  • Get your resume checked over for any typos or mistakes
  • Keep it simple and clean
  • State your experience including languages, engines, skills, genres of games, etc
  • Keep your resume/CV short – 1 to 2 pages is ideal
  • Link your resume to your LinkedIn, let that do some of the talking
  • Make your resume stand out – use it as a sales pitch and either make it look appealing or add in your portfolio links
  • Seek out company talent teams at events who offer free resume and portfolio checking

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