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Cosy MMO Palia is coming to the Epic Games Store

Palia, a new MMO from Singularity 6 that’ll have you feeling nice and warm inside thanks to its cosy atmosphere, is set to move to bigger horizons with its release on the Epic Games Store.

Set to debut on October 24, Palia is a free-to-play MMO that will offer open-world exploration, the ability to fish, farm, explore and even build a home, as well as a general low-stress environment expected of games within the cosy genre. Did we also mention there were romance options too? Because who doesn’t want to build a home with their loved ones?

Now you can have all of that over on the Epic Games Store.

“Epic Games is a pioneer in establishing an accessible platform that publishes video game content that appeals to its community,” said Singularity 6 co-founder and CEO Anthony Leung. “Palia is a perfect fit on the Epic Games Store, and offers the Epic Games community, and existing Palia players, an opportunity to make even more meaningful in-game connections via community-driven gameplay and life-sim mechanics that create a sense of belonging among players.”

What’s more, returning players — as well as new ones — will have plenty of new things to explore when the game releases on the Epic Games Store thanks to brand new updates. This includes features like:

  • Regional Expansion Palia game servers are coming to Western Europe to improve player latency. There are also more regions and language support planned for future updates.
  • Outfits – There are over 150 customizable outfits available for players — all of which are releasing next week.
  • Obstacle Course Palia isn’t a platformer, but that shouldn’t stop you from giving this new course a go and winning some treasure chests with Lucky Coins inside.
  • Hodari Romance – It’s not hard to see why Hodari is a favourite. Their romance is now available for players.
  • Autumn / Scary Content – With Halloween practically here, Kilima Village is looking a little different.
  • New Environment – Players wanting new places to explore will be pleased to hear that The Temple of the Flames is here, allowing them to engage in different quests, puzzles, recipes, and more.
  • Furry Friends – Friendship will now be available for Tau, the Palian pooch.

Singularity 6 also teases several other new surprises waiting for Palia players. What those are, however, remains to be seen.

Until then, Palia is now available to wishlist on the Epic Games Store, while being available on PC for players in the North American and Western European regions — with more coming soon. Palia will also come to the Nintendo Switch later this year.

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