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Catch the Indie Horror Showcase on October 19

On Monday, DreadXP announced that it, alongside Horror Visuals and The MIX, will be hosting the Indie Horror Showcase on October 19. Multiple developers and publishers are taking part in order to show off their upcoming projects.

“We are happy to announce we’ve teamed up with over 20 partners, well-versed in the world of indie, to bring you THE INDIE HORROR SHOWCASE, October 19th, 10am Pacific,” DreadXP wrote on Twitter. “Watch this space for even more terrifying, gut-wrenching, heartracing news.”

DreadXP will broadcast the showcase on its Twitch and YouTube channels, as well as on its Steam event page. Once the showcase ends, players will be able to use this page to check out demos for any of the games they took an interest in while watching.

DreadXP is a game developer, publisher, and media company with a specific focus on horror. They are the publisher behind the upcoming Sucker for Love: Date to Die For. HorrorVisuals is a one-person blog that also focuses on horror games, particularly indies. And the MIX (Media Indie Exchange) is a smaller, usually in-person show for indie developers to show off their work that has been around since 2012.

Horror game fans looking for their next thrill can tune into the showcase when it kicks off at 10am PT on October 19.

All of the announced developers and publishers participating in the Indie Horror Showcase

  • ysbyrd games
  • Super Rare
  • Akapura Games
  • Fellow Traveller
  • Neon Doctrine
  • Nightdive Studios
  • Raw Fury
  • The Wild Gentlemen
  • Villainous Game Studio
  • Santa Ragione
  • Ziggurat
  • Wired Productions
  • Dangen Entertainment
  • Torture Star Video
  • The Iterative Collection
  • Nordcurrent Labs
  • Black Tabby Games
  • Modus
  • Secret Mode
  • Beautiful Glitch

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