Friday, July 19, 2024
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SEGA cancels diverse hero-shooter HYENAS

Today SEGA announced the cancellation of Creative Assembly’s hero-shooter, HYENAS.

HYENAS was scheduled to release this year. Only recently did the game feature a closed beta, with general previews surrounding the game showcasing that it was well-liked and eagerly anticipated.

The confirmation of the game’s cancellation came from SEGA Sammy Holdings’ official website, where it was shared that due to “the lower profitability of the European region,” SEGA had no choice but to review the title portfolio of each development base in Europe. The result led them to scrapping HYENAS, as well as other unannounced titles under development. The website also stated that SEGA “will implement a write-down of work-in-progress for titles under development.”

Considering HYENAS was set to release this year, it should be no surprise to hear that SEGA expects a severe loss of income with this development.

As of writing, Creative Assembly has not made a formal statement about their hero-shooter being cancelled, but we can only imagine the internal strife that’s happening within the team right now.

What makes this particularly hard is that HYENAS looked to revamp the hero-shooter genre and make it special, with a diverse and queer-inclusive cast, and gameplay that was challenging, but fun. Seeing how well it’s done, only for it to be scrapped, is more than a little difficult.

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