Thursday, December 7, 2023

Diversity win! John Kramer from Saw is bi?

Diversity and representation within entertainment is one of the most important things about it. Being able to see yourself and knowing that you can relate to a character in a way that’s comforting, and feels good is — Wait. Hold on. Lionsgate posted a TikTok that seemingly confirms that John Kramer from Saw is a bisexual icon?

Oh, okay. That makes sense.

Lionsgate, an American entertainment and media company who is behind the latest Saw film following John Kramer, has had a presence on TikTok for a while now. It has 5.4 million followers and, for the most part, is down to clown; often posting memes and reaction vids about its films such as Twilight, The Expendables, and now, Saw.

As mentioned above, it’s latest TikTok has caused a bit of a fuss. Let’s see why.

Oh, this is silly Lionsgate. This is so very silly.

If someone had told us that the official TikTok account for Lionsgate would have created a fan-edit of John Kramer that confirmed him as being bisexual, we would have been very skeptical. Either way, it’s real, and fans are absolutely losing their mind over it.

Our personal favourite? A comment from user Nish which says, “if you showed this to people in 2004, they’d have a heart attack.” So true Nish, so true.

Funny video and comments aside, this isn’t the first time official accounts have used memes or jokes to show support for the LGBTQ+ community. Red from Rovio’s Angry Birds has come out as a ‘gay ally’ in his own TikTok videos.

In many ways, this push from big official accounts does feel performative to the point that it’d be easy to ridicule and label this as another marketing ploy from big names. And it is, because nothing quite makes you fall deeper into the clutches of trusting corporations than them making personable content that appeals to you. It’s marketing 101, baby.

That said, we’re currently living in a world that feels as though it’s spiraling face-first towards more anti-LGBTQ+ sentiment. So, if Lionsgate wants to make a silly little video about sociopath John Kramer from Saw being a bisexual icon, then why not? Even dudes who put you through a murderous set of trials murderers can be part of the LGBTQ+ community, you know?

SAW X will be available to watch in cinema on September 29, 2023.