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Can you be gay in Rune Factory 3 Special?

Rune Factory 3 Special is an updated version of Rune Factory 3, a slice of life farming sim that explores the schism between human and monster kind. We play as a young man with amnesia who has found himself in a quaint little town. A young woman named Shara welcomes him into their community, offering him a house and farming plot to stay and tend. Our protagonist gets to know the townsfolk by helping them out with tasks and chatting with them. He also explores the various environmental dungeons surrounding the village to protect it and find missing pieces of his memory.

This updated version also includes several new features. Some of these are: new HD graphics, new 3-D models, new animated cutscenes, Hell Mode difficulty level, and Newlywed Mode – an extra little glimpse at married life which unlocks once you marry one of the game’s 11 love interests.

Speaking of love interests, you may be wondering who’s who out of these eleven, and most importantly, if you can be gay.

Can you be gay in Rune Factory 3 Special?

Unfortunately, you can’t be gay in Rune Factory 3 Special. The game’s main character is a young man that the player gets to name. As we mentioned before, he has 11 potential romance options, but all of them are women.

While this may be disappointing for folks interested in wooing Carlos or Gaius, if you do decide to get married, you can check out Newlywed Mode, where you get to spend some extra time with your significant other and watch extra cutscenes.

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