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A Date with Death lets you romance the Grim Reaper himself

Two and a Half Studios’ A Date With Death is a chat simulator visual novel where you attempt to woo the Grim Reaper through a mysterious program that suddenly appears on your computer. Two and a Half Studios has created several other visual novels, including Amelie., start;again, Dreambound, and The Divine Speaker.

In this game, your main character –who you can fully customize with appearance and pronoun options — has had more than one close-call with death, but they always managed to survive. But one day, a strange program appears on their computer with messages from someone who claims to be the Grim Reaper telling them he’s coming to collect their soul.

Through texts and video calls, your character will use this program to chat with this mysterious man and get to know him better. Along the way, you will have to make choices that will impact your ultimate fate, determining whether you end up dating Death, or having your soul taken by him. A Date With Death has multiple endings to discover, so there’s plenty to replay if you want to.

Beyond getting to customize your character, A Date with Death also allows you to decorate your apartment to make it your own special space.

Players will be able to check A Date with Death sometime during Q4 of 2023 for PC.

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