Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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We Are OFK will perform live at PAX West

Virtual band We Are OFK (from the 2022 visual novel of the same name) will be performing live on Friday during the PAX West main stage concert. The concert will be held at the Seattle Convention Center, Summit Building at 8:30pm Pacific Time.

We Are OFK is a fictional band come to life following in the footsteps of artists like K/DA and Hatsune Miku. We follow their inception in the 2022 video game of the same name, watching a group of creatives try to navigate the corporate music space. They made their debut performance during the 202 Game Awards, and released an EP (the same one they created in their video game origin story) through Sony Music Soundtracks last year. Now they will do a live performance in Seattle for PAX West 2023 attendees.

“It’s always been our goal to be a virtual band that feels a little more in-reach,” said project director Teddy Dief in a press release. “We LOVE acts like Hatsune Miku, but we set out to make a band who were, like… sitting in their living room, eating ramen and watching her on YouTube. Fans. Not pop stars, but trying to be. We’re a very indie-sized project, so I don’t think we’ll ever get onstage with Gorillaz… but we can be more approachable. Some of us will be at the merch table meeting fans! That’s something that massive virtual bands can’t do. We get to see our players face-to-face! I’m so happy.”

We Are OFK will be sharing the stage with PAX West veterans Bit Brigade — who are returning to the event after a multi-year hiatus. Bit Brigade play video games on stage very fast while also playing the music from those games at the same time (also very fast).

PAX West attendees can check both acts out in the Seattle Convention Center, Summit Building main stage from 8:30pm – 10:30pm Pacific Time.