Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Princess Farmer developer announces Elemental Survivors

On Thursday, Princess Farmer developer Samobee announced that it has launched its next project, Elemental Survivors, into early access on Steam. The developers describe the game as “Vampire Survivors/retro Final Fantasy,” and players can check out the early access build now.

Like Vampire Survivors, Elemental Survivors is an auto-attacking blender where you become the bullet hell that’s grinding up enemy hordes. Where it differs, though, is in its inclusion of Dungeons and Dragons-style stats, a party that follows you around each stage, and elemental effects that impact damage, attacks, and status effects. It also differs in its runtime, which is 20 minutes per run to Vampire Survivors’ 30 minute runs. Elemental Survivors also features a variety of accessibility gameplay features including: manual or auto-aim options, playstyle variations based on build, separate sound effects, camera buffer, party transparency, and difficulty settings.

As you play, crushing enemies and defeating area bosses, you’ll collect currency that you can use to buy permanent upgrades that will help you in your next runs. Since each potential party member has their own unique abilities and buffs to your stats, you will have to decide who you want to take with you on your adventure. You will also be able to earn gems that let you unlock new areas. The current build that’s now available on Steam includes two of these areas for players to check out.

Samobee Games is a two-person development team made up of wives (one cisgender woman and one transgender woman) that create games together out of British, Colombia, Canada. They previously put out Princess Farmer, a match-three/visual novel hybrid that features multiple player characters for magical farming and slice-of-life adventures.

Ty Galiz-Rowe

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