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Can you be gay in The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood?

Deconstructeam’s latest game, The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood, is set in a future where Earth has largely been abandoned by humanity in favor of colonizing Mars and other parts of space. Along the way, human women gained the ability to Ascend and become Witches — immortal beings that live in space and use magic in their own unique ways. Not all women can Ascend, but only women can Ascend.

We follow a Witch named Fortuna who had her tarot deck confiscated and was exiled from her coven for 1000 years to “meditate on her powers” after predicting the coven’s demise. When we enter the story, Fortuna has served 200 years of her sentence and cannot stand another second of it. To relieve her suffering she summons a forbidden entity called a Behemoth to help her escape. Together, they begin forging a brand new kind of deck which is much more powerful.

Using the power of the deck, Fortuna begins to get a bit more freedom, which allows her to reunite with some of her old friends, and meet new ones. She reads their fortunes with her deck, shaping their fates and advancing the story.

Can you be gay in The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood?

You can be gay in The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood! Most of the characters in this game, barring Fortuna’s Behemoth friend who’s a guy, are women, both cis and trans. Should you be interested in pursing romance in this game, you can. Beyond that, we occasionally have flashbacks of Fortuna’s mortal life, where she references being interested in women. Other side characters are also openly queer in this game, and reference their relationships with other Witches, including Fortuna’s sister.

The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood is available now on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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