Wednesday, November 29, 2023
Streamer Spotlight

Streamer Spotlight: JoseyFox

For JoseyFox, Joystick.TV offered something different as a streaming platform: freedom. The freedom to not just play any video game they want to their community, but to workout, to be a little more lewd, to play video games that would interest their viewers and allow them to express themself, their personality, and their body. One thing was clear, Joystick.TV was no Twitch and that, to him, was a good thing.

We sat down to speak to JoseyFox to find out more about his streaming journey, what his plans for the future are, and what sort of games that he loves to play the most when streaming.

When and why did you start your streaming journey, and what initially inspired you to join the streaming community?

I started streaming on Joystick in October 2022. It has grown in that short amount of time, it still amazes me. I was very excited to see a place where I could stream games, workout, and the freedom to be risqué if and when I desire to. 

What factors influenced your decision to choose Joystick.TV as your streaming platform, and how has your experience been with the platform thus far?

I wanted a place where I could be myself in every aspect. There was no real place online to stream sexy visual novels (VNs), to do Let’s Plays (LPs), or  LGBT games just because they have a sexy scene in them, or the subject matter is too deep. The big platforms would never allow such games, even though these independent games have great and wonderful stories in most.

I like how small Joystick is right now, and can’t wait until it grows into something huge and it will, however at the time I’m enjoying the small niche community I have created and enjoying growing together as a community.


As a streamer on Joystick.TV, what aspects of the platform do you enjoy the most? Is there anything that sets Joystick.TV apart from other streaming platforms for you?

The freedom, no corporate entity telling you that you can’t do this or that because it’s too sexual, or the game’s story topics are too sensitive. Obviously, Joystick does have terms of service and rules, but they are so common sense that one would have to go out of their way to break them. I never really streamed on the bigger platforms because I knew I could never truly be myself fully.

Aside from the games you typically stream, are there any other games that you personally enjoy playing? If so, what draws you to those games, and do you have plans to stream them in the future?

I love story-driven games, old-school RPGs, VNs, bara games – which are a genre of homoerotic media, usually manga, games, and often pornographic, made by gay men for gay men with a certain type of art style as well, and modded games.

Examples of nonsexual content games are any Zelda, Final Fantasy, Suikoden, lots of old-school games, and indie games. Games with sexual content are KemoColiseum, Lustful Desires, Robin Morningwood Adventure, Strange Flesh. Modded games like Stardew Valley and The Sims, and a ton of indie games.

There are a whole slew of games out there that cannot be played on the bigger platforms, and those creators and developers deserve recognition too. I am happy to showcase and promote these types of games.

What can people expect from your streams?

Even though Joystick TV is an adult gaming site, it doesn’t mean it’s sexy time all the time. Though I do like the ability to when the time arises. I love telling the stories of the game and giving my genuine reaction to events in games.

Even if some games bring up controversial topics, I don’t shy away from them. We talk about it like adults, as a group, and the goal is, hopefully, someone learns from it and how to deal with aspects of life. So my streams can go to the very serious to the very funny/horny and everything in between. Most of the time, it’s lighthearted fun. People can expect fun, laughter, some crying in good or bad ways, and sexy times together. Oh, and I always have an innuendo here or there. It also depends on the type of game I’m playing that sets the mood, which is good, because I have a wide range of genres I play.


In your opinion, what qualities make a game particularly well-suited for streaming? Are there any specific elements or gameplay mechanics that tend to resonate with your audience and create engaging streaming experiences?

A game that has a great story, action, strategy, psychological ‘WTF’ moments, romance, and hot gay sex. That pretty much sums up what I look for in games and my streams. There are some games that do meet all those criterias, rare but they are out there. You’ll have to watch my streams or LPs to find out which games. Such awesome games that unfortunately you can’t play on the big platforms just because they have a sex scene or two or three. However, it’s really a shame that these games don’t get the limelight or featured in places. I have so many people thanking me just for introducing these games to them, and playing through with them. 

Experiencing these games with people and friends in chat brings a whole new level of the experience.

How do you find being an out LGBTQ streamer?

I can’t wait until the day that me being gay is totally irrelevant and I believe we’re almost there. Where I live now, no one cares. However I did grow up in the Deep South of the US, so I know homophobia is still out there. I’ve lived through how hateful some people can be towards LGBTQ people. I get my trolls here and there, but I was prepared for that, putting myself out there and all.

But there is someone who has inspired me and how to deal with any negativity and turn it into a positive. I absolutely know in the future I am going to be called derogatory names, and I’m absolutely ready for it and bring it on, that hatred fuels me… Not to spread hate but to open people’s minds.  

Have you had any inspiration from other streamers?

Yes! Her name is Lucahjin on YouTube, and Lucahjins on Twitch. I have watched her for… Wow, almost 8 years now. She has not only taught me how to be a good streamer just by watching her videos, but she has taught me what to watch out for as a streamer.

She has been streaming for a long time and heard some stories about streaming life, and I’ve learned some great life advice. She’s literally the inspiration that got me out of my shell to stream myself. She is my big Horse Sister.


What are you looking forward to the most this year?

Very soon, if I haven’t already, I am moving into a bigger place so I can have my own studio to do my streams! It will be called The FoxDen. A place where I can also do workout streams, where people can join along. Also, I have plans in the works to do co-streams with other streamers from Joystick! I have so many future plans that I don’t want to reveal them all here right now.

I’m also going to PAX West this year, so if you see me in my fox ears, don’t be afraid to say hi.

To find out more about JoseyFox and his channel, head on over to his profile via Joystick.TV.