Thursday, April 18, 2024

Life is Strange: Forget-Me-Not is the next comic series for the franchise

On Monday, the Square Enix announced that the next comic book series for the franchise will be called Life is Strange: Forget-Me-Not. This series is being produced by Titan Comics, with script and covers by Eisner-nominated creator Zoe Thorogood, and art byClaudia Leonardi and Andrea Izzo.

Life is Strange: Forget-Me-Not follows Life is Strange: True Colors protagonist Alex Chen and series darling Steph Gingrich as the two tour with their band across small-town America. Alex is on guitar and Steph is on drums, with the two setting out on a new adventure after the events of Life is Strange: True Colors. Along the way, they encounter a teenage runaway named Lily who they decide to take under their wings.

They soon discover that Lily isn’t just an average, everyday teen, however. For some reason, she experiences memories from lives she’s never lived, exhibiting supernatural abilities akin to Alex’s extreme psychic empathy. Alex and Steph aim to help Lily overcome her isolation and loneliness, but they’re not sure if they can give her the help she needs.

There has already been a tie-in novel focused on Steph, called Steph’s Story, which bridges the gap between her time in high school during the original game, and her appearance in True Colors. We get the backstory on how she ended up in Haven Springs, Colorado and in the path of Alex Chen. We see her crashing at her dad’s place in Seattle, tryng to figure out what she wants to do with her life, working at a local café and running RPG sessions at night. She meets a girl named Izzie who she starts a band called Drugstore Makeup with.

Life is Strange: Forget-Me-Not Issue #1 will hit store shelves on December 13, but fans can pre-order it starting on September 22. Pre-orders will be available through local comic shops in the United States, and through Forbidden Planet in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Ty Galiz-Rowe

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