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Heartstopper Season 2 premieres in August

Over the weekend, Netflix showed off a new teaser for Heartstopper Season 2 and announced that the high school rom-com series will return to the streaming platform on August 3. Netflix renewed the show for at least two more seasons after the success of the first.

Netflix’s Heartstopper is a TV adaptation of Alice Oseman’s beloved graphic novel series of the same name. It stars Kit Connor as bisexual rugby player Nick, and Joe Locke as gay nerd-turned-rugby player Charlie. Theirs is a sweet teenage love story about finding yourself and becoming comfortable with who you are. That doesn’t just apply to the main characters, either. The other cast members are diverse and include other queer teenagers — like an interracial lesbian couple and a black trans girl — who are also trying to figure themselves out and find a place to feel safe and belong.

The show’s first season followed the events of the first two volumes of the graphic novel. This second season, which has been filming since last September, will pick up where the previous one left off while also expanding the world a bit. Nick and Charlie are navigating their new romantic relationship, Tao and Elle are trying to see if they have the potential for one, and Tara and Darcy face challenges of their own. Beyond romantic drama, there’s plenty going on at school as well, including a class trip to Paris, big exams, and planning prom.

Fans can watch the premiere of Heartstopper Season 2 via Netflix on August 3.

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