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Dead by Daylight ushers in new updates and events this Summer

Dead by Daylight wants your attention this Summer with a selection of brand-new updates and events coming to the asymmetrical horror game throughout August.

Starting today, players will be introduced to the game’s latest tome: Existence. Tome 16: Existence will drag players kicking and screaming down the path of new and thrilling stories following the latest Killer, The Singularity, as well as Gabriel Soma, the newest Survivor. The former will reveal how and why The Singularity gained sentience, the origins of why it begins to question its purpose, and eventually, the resentment it starts to feel for being the tool of humans — an inferior species. As for Gabriel, his story will delve into his missing memory and how what he has been told, and what he is witnessing, tells two terrifyingly different stories.

Alongside new stories, Tome 16 will feature alongside a brand new Rift and Deep Rift, a battle pass that challenges players to complete objectives and earn sci-fi-inspired cosmetic rewards for Gabriel Soma, The Singularity, as well as The Artist, Haddie Kaur, Nicolas Cage, and several other Survivor and Killer characters.

But even outside the new Tome and Rift, Dead by Daylight players have more to look forward to; such as brand new updates to maps, how reporting works, Killer re-works, new cosmetics, and events that may seem awfully familiar to old players.

Dead by Daylight: Balance Updates and Features

  • The Onryo, the Killer from the Ringu chapter released last year, has had their ability reworked and improved. Sadako, a Killer who is able to teleport and travel through TV sets in order to spread her Condemned status effect map-wide, is now able to see which Survivors hold a videotape on her HUD. Survivors gains further condemnation whenever they are hit, turn off a TV, or take a VHS tape. If they reach 7 Condemnation, they will automatically be downed and can be killed — even without being hooked.
  • The Coldwind Maps have been rebalanced after being analyzed and reworked in order to create a more fair experience for both Survivor and Killer players.
  • Behaviour Interactive has added a new feature called Successful Report Feedback. With it, players are now able to know when something has been done about their report instead of wondering whether the player they reported has got away with it or not.

Dead by Daylight: Events Return

Despite being plagued by never-ending Fog, the Realm of the Entity is about to heat up this summer thanks to The Scorching BBQ Event.

From August 3 to August 17, players will be able to soak in the rays and enjoy summer-themed cosmetics and objectives, such as Margarita Generators and Grill Hooks, outfits, and charms.

Dead by Daylight events
Image Source: Behaviour Interactive

Dead by Daylight: New Cosmetics

Dead by Daylight may be a game where psychopaths stick innocent folk on a hook, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look stylish AF.

There are 3 brand-new collections, each featuring a wonderful selection of cosmetics for your favourite Survivors and Killers, which of course means the latest Survivor: Nicolas Cage.

Nicolas Cage Essentials Collection

  • Sunset Racer Outfit (Very Rare Outfit)
  • Gorgon Drip (Very Rare Outfit)

Both outfits are now available to purchase in Dead By Daylight’s in-game store.

Artists from the Fog Collection

  • Flesh And Bones Outfit for The Twins, designed by Raina from Canada.
  • Doll Collector Outfit for The Huntress, designed by Jay from the USA.
  • Surprise Performance Outfit for Yun-Jin Lee, designed by Manuel from Spain.
  • Inspiration Seeker Outfit for Felix Richter, designed by Hunnybear from Poland.

Ikumi Nakamura, best known for her work at Tango Gameworks as an artist on The Evil Within series and as creative director for Ghostwire: Tokyo, also has skins featured in this Collection.

  • Blind Revenge Outfit for The Oni
  • School Gang Out for Julie of The Legion
  • Dark Racer Outfit for Yui Kimura

All outfits in this collection will be available for purchase on August 1.

Silent Hill Collection

  • Maria Outfit for Cheryl Mason (Legendary)

The Maria outfit will be available to purchase on August 15.

Dead by Daylight Tome 16 is available now for PC via Steam, Epic Games Store and Windows Store, PS5, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

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