Thursday, April 18, 2024
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My Lovely Wife update adds hot demon guys to romance

Heteronormativity is sooooo last year, so why not be rid of it? If you’ve always wondered the same, then you might just enjoy the new romance update for My Lovely Wife.

In honour of Pride Month, publisher Neon Doctrine has announced the Irresistible Incubus free update is now available.

But first, a quick recap. My Lovely Wife is a glorious mix of a dating, management and alchemy simulator that follows Jake, the game’s mourning protagonist. After the sudden death of his beloved wife, Jake is granted the knowledge to summon a dozen of succubi, with the option to sacrifice them to create a vessel for his wife’s soul. You see, Jake is a guy who really loves his wife, to the point that he’s willing to sacrifice literal demons for her.

Of course, there’s the other option: letting go entirely and perhaps finding love elsewhere in the process. Actually, we take our previous statement back, Jake really does move on fast…

Regardless of our opinion on Jake’s love for his now-dead wife, the Irresistible Incubus update brings the same gothic love story before, but instead Jake has his sights set on hunky and downright tantalizing incubi. And they’re in the mood for some good ol’ fashioned loving. As in, they want a fulfilling romantic relationship. And perhaps other NSFW things. They are hellishly hot demon dudes, after all.

How this new update works is that players now have the option to choose from either female-identifying succubi or male-identifying incubi within the game’s main menu. For the incubi, all related sprites, text, cutscenes and audio within the game has been changed to reflect their inclusion, though, as far as we’re able to tell, it is not possible to have both a succubi and incubus. The game also has 40+ endings, one for each succubus or incubus.

But it isn’t all just fun and games for Jake and his hot demon hunks. Players need to utilize Jake’s demonic guests to help manage his business, and with each demon having their own stats and skills, it’s up to players to strategize the best demons to use in order to earn money and valuable resources. The more resources you get, the more you’re able to summon new and exciting demons.

My Lovely Wife (alongside the free romance update) is available now on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store, as well as Nintendo Switch.

Aimee Hart

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