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Gayme of the Week: My Boyfriend the Necromancer

We’re all different, and we’re all attracted to different things – which is why you shouldn’t judge when we say that, as to be expected, My Boyfriend the Necromancer has a love story between two, gay men – one being someone who raises the dead from time to time. We’re certain someone out there has a boyfriend who does something similar.

Created by Zackk Roulinc, My Boyfriend the Necromancer is best described as a puzzle, adventure game where you play as yourself – a nobody wizard who loves to get drunk down the pub after a few one-night stands. The first thing that happens is you waking up after one of these nights, and it’s where you learn how to use your magical abilities/movement.

my boyfriend the necromancer
Look, it even lets you have an adorable little hat.

The next few minutes are a weird, but not unenjoyable set-up to what is practically speed-dating. You’re in a pub, then you get attacked by a zombie called Igor, then you’re transported to some underground temple where your ex-boyfriend – who is some sort of immortal? – has helped preserve your old, deceased body. Because guess what? You’ve been reincarnated, and according to the laws of Karma, you’re supposed only to meet the souls that you knew in your previous life.

Your boyfriend saw you die and, because romance and necromancy go hand in hand, swore to wait until you returned. His zombie friend, Igor, has helped him but has his own issues of lost love. Necromancer does things like this: includes serious situations and beats, but doesn’t often follow through in that seriousness. It makes the tone feel jilted at times, but considering this is Roulinc’s second game, and that it’s all 3D, Necromancer is still quite the achievement.

The main object of this game is to go help your boyfriend balance Karma enough to be able to then destroy it? It’s not all that complicated in all honesty, but a lot of the time it feels as though you’re solving the same old puzzles of trying to figure out which magic incantation you have to type in. There isn’t all that many – your own name, which you type at the start, is one – so it doesn’t require too much thinking.

Overall, if you’re after a video game about gay magic, wizards, and necromancy, then My Boyfriend the Necromancer is definitely something you should consider giving a go.

My Boyfriend the Necromancer can be found and played on

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