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Gayme of the Week: CORPSE FACTORY

CORPSE FACTORY, from River Crow Studio, is a psychological thriller and horror hybrid visual novel about a disturbing urban legend that’s spreading around Tokyo. According to the rumors, there’s a website called “Corpse Girl” where people can enter the details of a person they want to die. That person will receive a photo of their own death with a timestamp from the future within the next few days, and may die shortly after.

This is already a twisted concept, but the truth behind what’s really going on is even more so. CORPSE FACTORY is split into a prologue, four acts, multiple endings, and an epilogue. Each of these is split to the perspective of one of the game’s cast members, from side characters to protagonists. With these perspective shifts, we’re eventually able to grasp most of the truth of who or what is behind the Corpse Girl killings, and how these events were ultimately set into motion.

We first encounter the queer element of this game during its first full act. Light spoilers for CORPSE FACTORY ahead. Act I follows Noriko Kurosawa, a purposely thin, frail, part-time office worker who we soon find out is actually the one behind the Corpse Girl website. Beyond her secret hobby of doctoring photos of corpses to make them look like her intended victims, Noriko is also still in love with her high school best friend, Aoi Sauto. She admitted these feelings to Aoi during their final year of high school, but Aoi rejected her, and the two decided to remain just friends. Despite that agreement, Noriko can’t let those feelings go, and they end up playing a huge part in the pair’s toxic and dysfunctional relationship. How? You’ll have to play the game to find out.

CORPSE FACTORY is available for PC and Nintendo Switch. Players should note the game includes graphic depictions of suicide, mutilation, murder, and brief instances of necrophilia.

Ty Galiz-Rowe

Ty is a freelance games writer and esports expert.