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Total Drama Island star shares joy over first gay couple included in reboot

Total Drama Island first began in 2008, and its success (and shows like it, such as Totally Spies) led to several different spin-offs and seasons. The zany hijinks the characters got up to proved popular, as did the series many couples. However, Total Drama Island never featured a gay couple, until now.

A quick history lesson: the series is based on reality TV shows that focus on putting a group of people on an island and making them do stuff for the audience’s entertainment. Think of it like a mish-mash of I’m A Celebrity and Love Island, but with much more drama. That is the name of the show, after all.

For years, the series has been a hit with a community willing to wait for more of it when Total Drama Island took a break in 2014. It returned in early 2023, and alongside it came a brand new ship the community fell behind: Bowie and Raj.

The two may seem like two opposites at first, but after romance bloomed between the pair, more and more of the Total Drama Island community have fallen in love with their love. It’s no wonder that with fanart, fanfiction, and more surrounding the new couple, writer, and voice artist involved in the series Terry McGurrin has noticed the joy from fandom.

On their personal Twitter account, McGurrin wrote: “I love that we have our first openly gay character. Love that we have our first same-sex romance. Love that fans have shipped so many same-sex couples from current/previous seasons and share their art and theories!”

Source: Twitter

Fans responded favourably to McGurrin’s tweet, with one fan asking if there was a canon trans/non-binary character on the show. McGurrin responded with, “I very, very much want a trans/non-binary character in the next season, That would be so amazing.”

McGurrin also shared gay Total Drama Island fan art of Raj and Bowie getting married. We do love to see it!

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