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Persona 5 Royal mod lets you play as a female Joker

Despite its story-breaking boundaries, Persona 5 Royal isn’t a game well-known for being inclusive. But that hasn’t stopped one determined modder from making a change, creating a Persona 5 Royal mod that allows you to step into the high-heeled shoes of a female Joker.

Developed by modder chlorophylls, the mod essentially allows you to play the exact same game as Persona 5 Royal. It’s just that this time? You get to play it as a woman. Very nice.

You can see a quick demonstration of the mod below.

Source: Faz @ YouTube

It isn’t just a simple model swap, either. Modder chlorophylls has worked on the mod as the main programmer, a modeler, texture editor, writer, and event scripter. But they haven’t been alone, with numerous artists and tool developers also pitching in.

The Persona 5 Royal mod even has voice work, with Alexa Farron and Maaya Sakamoto taking on the English and Japanese role of Female Joker, respectively.

As well as allowing you to play as Female Joker, the mod also includes additional romance options. Players are able to romance: Ryuji, Yusuke, Mishima, Akechi, Haru, Hifumi, Takemi, and Ann.

All in all, it’s clear there’s been an incredible amount of effort to make this Persona 5 Royal mod pop in the best of ways.

You can download the mod here over at Game Banana.

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