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League of Legends 2023 Pride art revealed

On Thursday, League of Legends and Wild Rift content creator SkinSpotlights posted this year’s Pride 2023 profile backdrop art. The art is official, as Riot employees also took to Twitter to discuss the image and its veracity.

The art is part of Riot’s annual Pride month celebrations, and the 2023 festivities will begin on June 1 when League of Legends patch 13.11 launches. Other Pride items, like various cosmetics, will also be available for players to snag for free during this event.

The background art that has been shown off features a selection of canonically LGBTQ+ identified Legends celebrating together, along with poros and Pride-themed decorations. Some of the Legends featured include K’Sante, Vi, Caitlyn, Diana, Graves, Neeko, Twisted Fate, Nami, and Leona. SkinSpotlights also noted that a different version of the art will be released for Wild Rift featuring only Champions that are in that game, which will put Twisted Fate front in center, rather than K’Sante.

Games Producer at Riot Alex Quach went on to quote the SkinSpotlights tweet with an FAQ about the art and Pride content.


Q: How do I get this?
A: This will be the new profile background when equipping the relevant icons during the event window.

Q: Why did you change XYZ?
A: We didn’t. You assumed straightness.

Q: Is this every LGBTQIA+ character?
A: No, this is a specific selection”

While there have of course been negative reactions to the art, many fans have been excited by details in the piece. Several folks have noted that Vi has a lesbian flag pin on her hip, and others are just stoked to see her and Caitlyn together in queer art.

Fans that are excited about this year’s Pride celebrations in League of Legends and Wild Rift will be able to snag the cosmetics when the 13.11 update launches on June 1, just in time for Pride 2023. If you’re looking to go further and compete, sign up for the Gayming Pride Cup Esports Tournament, which kicks off on June 3.

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