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Grave Seasons is a farming/life sim with a sinister twist

Long has the farming and life sim genre been a vessel for game developers to tell cute, whimsical stories about moving away from the dredges of city capitalism to start a new, refreshing life in the middle of nowhere. Grave Seasons looks to turn that setting on its head.

Perfect Garbage, the developers behind Love Shore, are at work on a brand new game where your peaceful life in a farming town comes with a sinister twist.

In Grave Seasons you’ll farm, you’ll fish, and begin a new life in a new home. However, you soon find out that actually, your neighbours aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. It’s more than that actually. They seem to be just a little out of place, a little strange, a little…odd. It also doesn’t help that on arrival, there seems to be a serial killer on the loose. Maybe this new place isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.

Perfect Garbage tells us that their aim is to tell a unique and “wild” story using a combination of farming/life sims and murder mysteries. By players growing their relationships with townsfolk, as well as participating in village life, they’ll be able to examine the patterns of each murder, find clues and, ultimately, solve the mystery.

“The reception to Grave Seasons has been really wonderful, and we’re really looking forward to bringing in fun, campy, and spooky vibes to a genre of games we already enjoy.” Perfect Garbage shared with Gayming Magazine. “Plus, there are some funky secret mechanics we can’t wait to showcase.”

Grave Seasons currently doesn’t have a release date.

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