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Gayme of the Week

Gayme of the Week: Some Sword / Some Play

Some Sword / Some Play is a piece of NSFW, browser-based, interactive fiction from moniker ersatz. In it, you play as a swordsperson who is both a duelist and the champion of the Marquessa. Along with being her champion, you are also key to her entertainment, as she loves to listen to the tales of your escapades. The game is framed in this way, with you regaling her with your latest misadventures at a ball while recovering from an injury.

The nice thing about this game is how entirely customizable it is. Not only can you decide the pronouns, gender identity, and even body parts of your player character, but you can do so for all of the characters you encounter, with the exception of the Marquessa. This puts the entire adventure in your hands, allowing you to decide if this is the story of a trans masc duelist who likes to bang dudes, or a cis lesbian who’s asexual. It’s all up to you.

Beyond its extensive customization, though, Some Sword / Some Play is also excellently written. With such a small amount of space, it expertly portrays a futuristic fantasy world with its own cultures, technologies, religions, and populations in a way that makes this feel like a developed setting, rather than just a set dressing for raunchy adventures.

Players should also note that this is an extremely NSFW game, with graphic and detailed depictions of consensual sex acts — should you choose to pursue them. That said, these depictions are all written, there aren’t really an raunchy images.

Folk who own the 2022 Queer Games Bundle on already own Some Sword / Some Play and can immediately play it in their browser.

You can find Some Sword / Some Play over at If you’d like to support the game additionally, there’s also an option on itch to give the developer a tip.

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