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Dead by Daylight Pride Charms Guide (2023)

Dead by Daylight may be a horror asymmetrical video game, but it’s also well aware of just how diverse its community and fanbase are. That’s where the Dead by Daylight Pride Charms come in.

Pride is a significant event, and not just in real life either. While many may feel conflicted when it comes to companies pinkwashing, or seemingly only supporting the LGBTQ+ community one month out of twelve, others are happy to receive even the smallest amount of support. This usually means allowing players to express themselves via cosmetics for video games.

Cosmetics are a significant part of the Dead by Daylight experience, particularly with in-game skins and charms. They allow the average player to express themselves, similar to the character they choose to play represents them. Because of this, players can get a ton of charms and other collectibles, either through purchasing with in-game (or real-life) currency.

However, some skins and charms are able to be obtained by inputting certain codes. For this guide, we’ll focus on all of the Dead by Daylight Pride-related cosmetics.

Dead by Daylight Pride Charms
Image Source: DBDLeaks
Dead by Daylight Pride Charms – All of the Pride charms and how to get them

Dead by Daylight has a handful of Pride charms, some of which are only obtainable through using codes. Once you have the code you need, you need to head to the in-game Dead by Daylight store and select Redeem Code. Once redeemed, you’ll be able to select the charm you want and put it on your Survivor or Killer.

The full list of Pride charms, and the code needed to earn them, can be found below:

  • Feathers of Pride Charm – CAWCAW
  • Pride Charm – PRIDE
  • Pride Charms 2022 – PRIDE2022
  • Bisexual Flag – FLAGB
  • Pansexual Flag – FLAGP
  • Asexual Flag – AFLAGS
  • Agender Flag – AFLAGG
  • Gender Fluid Flag – GFLAGF
  • Gender Queer Flag – GFLAGQ
  • Non-Binary Flag – NBFLAG
  • Intersex Flag – ISFLAG
  • Glance of Pride Charm – KINDRD

As you can see in the above image, there are other Pride charms on the way too. However, the code for said charms has not been released as of yet. When we know more about how to get each Pride Charm for 2023, we will update this guide.

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