Friday, March 1, 2024
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Call Me Under Chapter 1 is available now

On Wednesday, indie studio Lunaris Games announced that the first chapter of its upcoming LGBTQ+, nautical, eldritch horror visual novel, Call Me Under, is now live as a demo on the game’s Steam page. The full game’s full release is planned for sometime later this year on PC.

Call Me Under is a noir mystery visual novel set during the 1950’s in an underwater city called Styx. This metropolis is home to humans, sirens, and other supernatural creatures. Players take on the role of one of two faceless protagonists who have come to Styx from the surface for a fresh start. Unfortunately, they soon find themselves right in the middle of a brewing conflict between two ancient entities that have been struggling for power for centuries: the Shadows and the Light.

Along the way, you will investigate a series of recent disappearances using your rookie detective skills, along with trying to determine why there are suddenly so many earthquakes wracking the city of Styx lately.

Call Me Under is a story about destiny, questioning the morality of yourself and those around you, and asking yourself exactly what defines ‘good’ and ‘evil.’ Though you’ll decide whether to bathe in darkness or reach for the light, there’s no telling what others will do,” a press release states. “As you get to know the important players in this mystery, you’ll find that these characters revel in the gray crevices where secrets lie, waiting to be found.”

Beyond searching for secrets, players will also have the opportunity to romance characters from a cast of humans and sirens. There will be six individual romance options available in the full game, along with two additional polyamorous routes.

“As a team, we believe in taking our time to deliver the best story possible without crunch – it’s part of our power as an indie studio. We really appreciate everyone who’s been patiently waiting ever since we announced Call Me Under, so we wanted to show our appreciation by releasing this extended demo,” said Kris Wise, studio and narrative director at Lunaris Games. “We hope it offers a taste of what’s to come for our delicious cast and the sinister mysteries they find themselves trapped within.”

Call me Under will release on PC sometime in 2023.

Ty Galiz-Rowe

Ty is Gayming Magazine's deputy editor and esports expert.