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Everything we know about the VCT LOCK/IN Showmatch and agent reveal

2023’s first professional VALORANT LAN-event, VCT LOCK/IN São Paulo, is almost over, with the semi-final matches kicking off at 9 a.m. PST on Thursday. To celebrate the Grand Finals on Friday, Riot Games is hosting a showmatch with VCT pros and VALORANT streamers in order to show off the game’s next playable agent live. Many popular streamers and pros are serving as captains and players, which should make for an interesting match as we get to watch the new agent in action for the first time. The agent reveal and demonstration broadcast will start at 9 a.m. PST on Saturday, March 4.

The two VCT showmatch teams are captained by Team Liquid Brazil streamer FRTTT and Sentinels content creator tarik. They will compete in a best-of-one match with each captain using the new agent to lead their teams. The rest of the team rosters are as follows:

VCT LOCK/IN Showmatch Team FRTTT
  • Ganesh “skrossi” Gangadhar – Professional player for Global Esports
  • Javier “vela” Velásquez – Latin American Twitch partner
  • TBA
  • TBA
VCT LOCK/IN Showmatch Team tarik

New Agent reveal

Riot Games started hinting at the new VALORANT agent on February 28 via the game’s Twitter account, which tweeted out an 18-second animated short that showed a home area covered in burgers and gummy bears with a phone screen displaying a group chat between some of the game’s current agents, Sage, Reyna, Brimstone, Jett, and Neon. They reference trying to contact an unnamed “him” who isn’t answering messages. Brimstone — a.k.a “Beard Papi” in the mystery Agent’s phone — wants to go pick the mystery person up when they don’t answer, but Reyna says that she “trusts him” and that he’s probably just asleep.

The next day, the account tweeted out another animated phone short. This time, the agent is out on the street holding their phone, presumably running errands as he listens to music and gets a “to-do” notification to pick up tamales for his mother, along with nine missed calls from Beard Papi Brimstone, and a text from his coach reminding him to come to practice.

According to leaks, the new Agent’s codename is Gekko and they have green hair. Based on info from the cinematics and Riot Games’ recent discussions of the state of the meta, we can also infer that Gekko is Latinx — likely Mexican given his familiarity with Reyna, that he loves junk food, that he sleeps in late, and that he’s either an Initiator or Sentinel role, as those are the two we know for sure are coming in 2023.

Those who stick around for the Grand Finals match after the agent reveal and demo will also be able to get a special “Dad Hat” gun buddy drop.

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