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Dead by Daylight Mobile drops Sadako Rising collab at relaunch

The possibility of playing Dead by Daylight wherever and whenever you want with mobile was compelling enough, but NetEase and Behaviour Interactive have added more things to get excited over with thanks to their brand new update.

The update includes huge graphical upgrades, new features, and new content with the Sadako Rising Collaboration event and the introduction of a relic system to Dead by Daylight Mobile. This system adds mysterious and spooky artifacts to the game, such as the “Knot of Binding” and the “Handy Axe”. These artifacts help shake up and introduce new elements to gameplay, forcing players to change up their tactics on the fly.

As rewards for unlocking these Relics, players will collect Relic Shards and get the chance to upgrade their Relics. Doing so will unlock cosmetics which can be displayed via the in-game lobby, as well as on player profiles.

Alongside these updates comes the Sadako Rising Collaboration event. This will run from March 15 to 28, and will bring the Ringu franchise – as well as killer Sadako and survivor Yoichi Asakawa – to the game.

During the Sadako Rising collaboration period, players have the opportunity to obtain limited-time crossover Outfits, the Sleeping Blossom for Sadako, and the Paranormal Investigator for Yoichi Asakawa. Sleeping Blossom is exceptionally special, as its Platinum version gives Sadako an exclusive Memento Mori animation, allowing her to dispatch the Survivors in a new way.

You can find out more about the Sadako Rising collaboration event here.

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