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A Tavern for Tea is now available on Steam

Adventuring is swell and all, but sometimes you only want to sit down in a tavern for a cup of tea. That’s where A Tavern for Tea comes in.

Developed by npckc, a developer well-known for their LGBTQ+ inclusive and heartfelt games like A Year of Springs and A Hero and a Garden, A Tavern for Tea puts you in the shoes of a mysterious bartender at a tavern where the only thing you sell is tea.

As demonstrated by previous games, npckc guides players into meeting and discovering more about two to three different characters, learning more about their quirks and nuances. For A Tavern for Tea, players are encouraged to brew the right tea in order to satisfy The Adventurer and a demon lord known as Horns. Depending on what options you pick, you can help the two interact and open up, or cause further strife in their relationship.

While not explicitly LGBTQ+ – which may turn a few gamers off – it’s clear that the relationship you can help build with these two characters is not that between two heterosexual men. For example, the tavern itself is designed in a way where anonymity is key, where people can exist outside of the expectations that are placed on them. For the Adventurer, that’s being someone who doesn’t have to save the princess all the time and then settle down and marry her. To him, that’s not his happy ending. It’s implied in his conversation with the bartender that this may be because he’s gay, but it is never truly confirmed.

Previously, we featured this game in our ‘Gayme of the Week‘ column, but it was only available to play via the indie storefront, Now that the game is available on Steam, it comes with achievements and the option to purchase its soundtrack.

A Tavern for Tea is available to play now on Steam.

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