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A League of Their Own Season 2 seems to be in a flux

A League of Their Own, a series following the journey of an All-American professional women’s baseball league players set during World War 2, has (according to The Hollywood Reporter) been renewed for Season 2. But it comes with a catch and fans aren’t happy.

Created and produced by Will Graham and Abbi Jacobson, the series delighted fans (and yes, that includes us) with its queer take on Penny Marshall’s A League Of Their Own from 1992. It not only told a story about women’s baseball, which was exciting enough on its own, but didn’t hold back from conveying the very real stories of being LGBTQ+ and Black in a time of unrest in the US. It was diverse and inclusive in a way that was effortlessly authentic and meaningful, and not just for the sake of it.

So it’s no surprise that fans are upset about the possibility of Season 2 of A League of Their Own being reduced just to 4 episodes, unlike the first season’s 8. This news comes via THR, who stated that the “show will conclude with a four-episode final season”, and that the cast of the series had to “sign new deals, given the order is for half the episodes that were featured in season one.” During renogiations between Sony and Amazon, sources say a movie for the series that was set to wrap up everything was also considered.

However, Graham took to Twitter to answer some questions and correct a few things about A League of Their Own and its potential Season 2 renewal.

“Just to answer the questions: The stuff that came out today is a leak and it isn’t official, which is why we aren’t saying anything.” Graham tweeted. “So if you want to see more episodes or more seasons of this show, now is your moment. People are listening.”

And it seems people are, indeed, listening. Within hours of The Hollywood Reporter leak, fans took to social media to plan a renewal campaign, using slogans and hashtags such as #MoreThanFour and #RenewALOTO. It is a call for action that is not unfamiliar to viewers that consume media that focuses on queer women. With a significant amount of queer-women led shows being cancelled throughout the years, fans are looking for new ways to fight back and get their stories told.

Only time will tell if the Rockford Peaches will get to step up to the plate for a second time. Considering how queer TV shows seem to be getting cancelled left and right, let’s hope the answer is yes.

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