Friday, March 1, 2024
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Blumhouse is getting into video games

Blumhouse — the production studio behind films like M3GAN, They/Them Get Out, Whiplash, and BlacKkKlansmanhas announced that it is entering the video game industry. This division will be called Blumhouse Games and will partner with indie studios to publish new games, with industry veterans at the helm.

According to the announcement, the definition of “indie” games for Blumhouse Games is projects with a budget under $10 million. The company said it is looking to publish “original, horror-themed” indie games on that scale on PC, console, and mobile. This is in keeping with the company’s strategy surrounding films. Beyond these details, the company did not provide any additional information about its release plans. Blumhouse didn’t announce any upcoming titles, and did not specify if it has plans to make video game adaptations of any of its IPs, but phrasing seems to indicate at least some of them will be new titles.

“There’s a unique opportunity for horror and genre in the indie game space, and I’m thrilled about teaming up with Blumhouse to meaningfully leverage the company’s brand, reputation, and creative talent,” said Zach Wood, the president of Blumhouse Games in a press release.

Wood has 25 years of experience in the games industry serving as a producer on titles like The Unfinished Swan, Bound, Hohokum, Sound Shapes, Prey: Mooncrash and more. He is joined by former finance and strategy boss for PlayStation, Don Sechler.

Though Blumhouse has not announced which developers it will be partnering with yet, there are plenty of exciting options out there right now. Indie horror in video games is having a renaissance, with the likes of the Haunted PS1 Demo Disk and DreadXP putting more and more titles in front of audiences and more indie devs than ever putting work out. Hopefully we will get some interesting new IPs from Blumhouse Games and its partner in the near future.

Ty Galiz-Rowe

Ty is Gayming Magazine's deputy editor and esports expert.