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All of the LGBTQ+ demos in Steam Next Fest 2023

It’s a new year, which means it’s time for another slate of new games to look forward to. Steam is doing its part to help players find their next fave by holding its annual Steam Next Fest event. This event showcases tons of different upcoming games by hosting demos for them, broadcasting developer livestreams, and more.

To help you sort through all of the game demos available during this event, we’ve tracked down all the LGBTQ+ game demos we could find to share with you! That said, if there are any we may have missed, feel free to let us know at

All of the LGBTQ+ demos in Steam Next Fest 2023
  • Lakeburg Legacies – A social village management sim where love is the ultimate resource as you play matchmaker.
  • A Long Journey to an Uncertain End – A narrative management space opera where you explore the galaxy and recruit eccentric crewmates while trying to escape the clutches of your abusive ex.
  • Lotus: The Self-Made Witch – A game where you brew potions with your best friend and try to determine if the two of you are actually just friends or something more.
  • Townseek – An exploration and trading game where you explore the land of Explora in an airship. There are LGBTQ+ customizations for the ship, and other features that will be implemented for the full release.
  • Oscar WildeCard – A card game where you are trying to reach the world’s most exclusive apartment building, The Golden Palace, but cruel socialite Oscar Wilde is standing in your way. Co-host a series of dinner parties and win guests over to your side of the table, each of whom are represented by a card.
  • Furry Finder – A dating sim where you use the app Furry Finder to help the protagonist Alexis find her next big love. Who you tie yourself to is up to you, and you don’t have to mess with anyone who you aren’t into.
  • Moonlight in Garland – A cozy life sim about getting settled in a new city. Move to the metropolis of Garland, find and customize your apartment, cultivate a local garden, solve community problems, and build friendships and romantic relationships with your neighbors.
  • Pixelshire – An RPG sandbox game where you work to develop the community of Pixelshire. Bring new folks into your community, build friendships and potentially relationships with them as well.
  • Unscripted – A narrative game where you follow a 24 year-old man as he tries to make it in Hollywood as a screenwriter. The game includes four romance options, three female and one male.
  • NecroNomNomNom: Eldritch Horror Dating – A visual novel dating sim where you try to woo creatures from Lovecraft stories.
  • SunnySide – A farming sim set in rural Japan where you can form bonds and romantic relationships.
  • Sanctuary Saga – A roguelike, turn-based RPG that centers your relationships with the people in your guild.

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