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HBO Max unveils Velma trailer to mixed feelings

HBO Max’s Velma is set to release today on January 12, and to celebrate the comedy-series unveiled a trailer. In this new series we follow The Scooby Gang in high school, set in a time seemingly before the gang come together and meet our favourite dog hero, Scooby-Doo, as they try and find the answers for their very first mystery.

Reviews of this new series from Mindy Kaling hasn’t been favourable either, with The Hollywood Reporter stating that the prequel is “too snarky for its own good”, and Gizmodo commenting that the humour of the show is “outdated.”

The reaction to the trailer hasn’t been much better. What was shown is just a brief glance into protagonist Velma Dinkley’s (Mindy Kaling) life; a nerdy but foul-mouthed girl whose life gets turned upside down when one of her classmates dead body ends up stuffed in her locker. Thankfully her and her best pal Norville aka Shaggy (Sam Richardson) are on the case to find the real villain and clear Velma’s name.

Along the way they are joined by Fred, a rich jerk that’s voiced by It’s Always Sunny’s Glenn Howerton, as well as Constance Wu as Daphne who appears to be much more willing to use violence to get what she wants.

While there are some comments out there that feel like the show is too ‘woke’ for daring to include a potential Velma/Daphne romance storyline, as well as making Shaggy black and Velma Indian-American, some responses to the trailer’s reveal are worried that the show’s humour just doesn’t hit right. However, considering the same criticism was thrown at HBO’s Harley Quinn animated series before it officially released, there is still chance Velma could prove a hit beyond the sphere of social media.

HBO Max’s Velma releases today. Will you be watching?

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