Friday, March 1, 2024

Elvira joins the Monster High doll lineup

To celebrate the upcoming Friday the 13th this week, Mattel Creations is releasing the latest Monster High Skullector doll, Elvira Mistress of the Night, according to a report from Bloody Disgusting. Previous dolls in the Skullector collection include ones based on Stephen King novels like IT and The Shining, along with Beetlejuice, and Gremlins 2.

Elvira is the reigning Queen of Halloween, playing hostess for a variety of horror programming through the years, and a classic LGBTQ+ icon. She also has a history in video games, starring in her own franchise Elvira: Mistress of the DarkElvira II: The Jaws of Cerebus and Elvira: The Arcade Game from Flair Software, and making cameos in iconic series like Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Zombies. That’s not even covering the pinball machines she’s appeared on. Queer fans have taken a particular liking to the Mistress of the Dark because of the generally campy nature of her projects and appearances. Plus she fits well into the pantheon of fun and fierce women that queer people love. Monster High has also recently stepped fully into accepting LBGTQ+ folks, as the most recent live-action Monster High movie confirmed that Frankie Stein is nonbinary and uses they/them pronouns.

Mattel Creations is the e-commerce and content platform for creators and collaborations, so it’s no surprise that the Monster High Elvira Skullector doll came through that section of the toy company. This doll rocks Elvira’s classic Mistress of the Night look, including a black glitter dress printed with skulls and spiders, sky-high black up-do, silver snake earrings, a dagger, Great Aunt Morgana’s magic ring, and spider stilettos. Her irises also have spider webbing across them.

The Monster High Skullector Elivra doll will be available via Mattel Creations for $65 USD starting on Friday, January 13.

Ty Galiz-Rowe

Ty is Gayming Magazine's deputy editor and esports expert.