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The Jenna Ortega lesbian flag frenzy, explained

Over this past weekend, star of Netflix’s Wednesday Jenna Ortega caught queer fans’ attention when a video of her seemingly excitedly pointing at a lesbian flag and then herself at Brazil’s 2022 Comic Con Experience surfaced online.

LGBTQ+ people are generally always excited to welcome new celebrity members of the community, and many fans have been hoping for a romance between Ortega’s Wednesday and her in-universe werewolf roommate Enid in the next season, so it’s not surprising that fans were excited by this video. But after the video started gaining traction, other fans began noting that Ortega wasn’t actually looking at the person holding the flag, but the person next to them.

A Brazilian Twitter user called Biel posted a tweet with videos saying that Jenna Ortega was actually looking at her and pointing at her Wednesday cosplay, as she was beside the person holding the lesbian flag. According to Biel, she is 1.93 meters tall, which is tall enough to stand out in a crowd, especially when dressed as gothic icon Wednesday Addams. Multiple other videos also surfaced from other angles that seem to support what Biel is saying.

The speculation around Jenna Ortega’s sexuality and the lesbian flag has brought up the issue of celebrities being hounded by fans about their sexualities once again. Some fans commented that they hoped Ortega wouldn’t “feel uncomfortable” about the speculation, which is somewhat reminiscent of Heartstopper’s Kit Connor feeling the need to come out as bisexual after fans accused him of queerbaiting.

PinkNews has reached out to Ortega for comment on the situation, but as far as we know, they haven’t received any word back at the time of writing.

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