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VCT Game Changers 2022 Championship Drops guide

The final event of the 2022 VCT Game Changers season and first ever Game Changers LAN, the 2022 Championship in Berlin, Germany, kicks off on Tuesday with the group stage. Eight teams representing women/marginalized genders in their respective regions will face off in a double elimination bracket to finally see who is actually the best in the world. Between squads that have dominated their regions, to those that are relative newcomers on the global stage, there are plenty of storylines to be excited about going into the Championship.

To celebrate the event, Riot Games and the VCT are doing special drops on YouTube and Twitch for Game Changers-themed, in-game Valorant items players can equip.

How to get VCT Game Changers 2022 Championship drops

In order to get these drops, viewers first need to make sure that their Twitch and/or YouTube channels are connected to their Valorant accounts.

How to connect your YouTube account to your Valorant account
  1. Sign into YouTube
  2. Navigate to your profile picture and choose Settings
  3. Go to the Connected apps section
  4. Go to the Valorant option and choose CONNECT
  5. Follow the prompts to sign into your Valorant account
How to connect your Twitch account to your Valorant account

Note that this is for connecting your account to, not Twitch Prime.

  1. Log into your Twitch account
  2. Go to the Connections page
  3. Find Riot Games on the list and choose Connect
  4. Follow the prompt to sign into your Riot Games account

Once your account is connected to the broadcast platform you prefer, you just have to watch a game during the 2022 VCT Game Changers Championship between November 15 and November 19 on a drop enabled channel to get the “Game Changer” in-game title, and watch the final match on November 20 to get the in-game Game Changers card.

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