Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Red Spring Studios announces Gothic horror romance TOUCHSTARVED

On Halloween, indie developer Red Spring Studio announced its latest project, a Gothic horror romance visual novel called TOUCHSTARVED. There is currently no release date information available, but the game is supposed to be “coming soon.”

“As the nights grow long and shadows stretch, monsters awaken. Leave offerings to keep them away, or flowers to invite them in…”

Red Spring Studio was formed by developers who worked with Nix Hydra Games to create romance visual novels The Arcana and Last Legacy. In The Arcana, you play as a prodigy tarot card reader who works in your mentor’s magic shop. When a duchess appears at the shop, you give her a reading and she invites you back to her palace, on the condition that you work to solve the mystery behind her murdered husband. From here, you’re thrown into a visual novel mystery and dating sim hybrid where it’s up to you to make impactful choices. Meanwhile, in Last Legacy, players join a group of elite warriors who are trying to save the world and find their way home.

Now, some of these developers have gone on to form their own studio with Red Spring. TOUCHSTARVED is their debut project. The reveal trailer describes it as “a gothic horror romance where monsters take your breath away.” Based on the silhouettes in the reveal art, there appear to be five monstrous love interests/characters that players will be able to interact with.

TOUCHSTARVED doesn’t have a set release date yet, but for those looking for a queer, spooky romance in the meantime have plenty of options to check out, including Heartwood, which has a playable demo out now.

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