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Raptor Boyfriend to release on console this December

Raptor Boyfriend, a quirky and queer visual novel from indie game developers and publisher Rocket Adrift, is set to release on console this December.

The console version of Raptor Boyfriend has been worked on by Ratalaika Studios and Eastasiasoft, the latter a 100% independent niche publishing company that works to bring games onto big, console platforms like PlayStation and Xbox.

The story follows Stella Starosta, an awkward 17-year-old that will remind you distinctly of Twilight’s Bella Swan, only with a lot more personality. After spending time away from her small home town of Ladle, she returns there for her senior year of high school and along the way falls in love with three very different people. And by people we mean cryptids, because that’s the draw of Ladle – not everyone there is human. Did we mention the game is also set 1997, so expect a lot of throwbacks? Well, now you know.

Stella’s three love interests are a little different than what players might expect. There’s Robert, the titular raptor of the group, who loves fun, pranks, and living in the present to escape the past, then there’s Taylor, Stella’s childhood friend and a guitar-playing sasquatch who has an aura of mystery about him. Last but not least is Day, a magical fairy and self-deprecating artist who is wise and kind, but also has some baggage thanks to her spooky ghost ex-girlfriend.

We previously reviewed Raptor Boyfriend back when it released on PC in 2021 and, not to put too fine of a point on it, I revealed that it was my favourite game that released last year. It’s combination of heartfelt, choice-based storytelling, nostalgic-inducing music and comforting art-style made it a winner in my eyes, and if you’re into a weird, wacky, but wonderful visual novel game where cryptids are love interests? Then Raptor Boyfriend might just be the thing you’re looking for.

Raptor Boyfriend will release on the Xbox X/S, Xbox One X, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch platforms on December 14th.

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