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Pride at Play brings queer gaming exhibition to Australia

2023 will start with a BANG for queer gaming thanks to Pride at Play, a new exhibition being rolled out in both Melbourne and Sydney.

The curated exhibition will feature a number of queer games made by queer developers and creatives from Oceania and Asia Pacific, highlighting “thoughtful” video and tabletop games and making them publically available at zero cost.

The public exhibition is able to take place thanks to Pride Amplified, a significant part of the Sydney WorldPride 2023 festival which takes place in February. The public will be able to access these games for two weeks during the festival, with dates for accessibility in Melbourne coming out later in the year.

Alongside a collection of queer games, attendees will have access to a small game area that will allow them to relax and talk about the games they’ve played alongside others, and access to interviews, images, as well as video/audio work that showcases what goes into the work of queer game designers. There will also be community-led workshops, industry talks about queer experiences and their relation to making games, hands-on game design activities, and a chance to purchase a locally designed and bound catalogue about the exhibition with all money made going to charity.

The Pride at Play exhibition has been made possible due to contributing volunteers, support from organisations, universities, and external grant funding. In fact, Pride at Play is jointly funded by the Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture Monash University, and the Sydney Social Sciences and Humanities Advanced Research Centre, University of Sydney. 

For more information on Pride at Play, visit the official website here, where you can also sign up to the exhibition’s mailing list.

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