Saturday, April 13, 2024

Mass Effect Legendary Edition may be coming to PS Plus this December

Christmas is coming gamers, and PS Plus might just be offering one of the most generous gifts it ever has: the entirety of the Mass Effect trilogy, aka, Mass Effect Legendary Edition.

At least, that’s what we suspect. Thanks to Kotaku, we have an idea on just which games will be coming to PS Plus this December: Biomutant, DKO: Divine Knockout, and Mass Effect Legendary Edition. The leak comes from a user called Billbil-Kun, a leaker who has proven reliable in the past about upcoming deals of video game consoles and games. Of course, until confirmed by PlayStation themselves, take this all with a pinch of salt.

In one of their most recent posts they stated that Mass Effect Legendary Edition, as well as the two other games mentioned above, will be coming to the PlayStation Plus subscription service on December 6. Gamers will have up until January 3 2023 to snag the games they want so, if you’ve always wanted to play any of the mentioned games then we suggest waiting – you could get them for free!

Mass Effect Legendary Edition released back in April 2021 to critical acclaim. Of course, it also faced its fair share of controversy, especially from LGBTQ+ gamers who were left disappointed that BioWare hadn’t taken the chance to restore some of those cut romances.

Aimee Hart

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