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LGBTQ+ Vtubers are reporting harassment and doxing when playing party games

LGBTQ+ Vtubers are reporting that they have been facing an increased wave of targeted harassment, doxing, and even attempted swatting while streaming party games like the Jackbox collections or Gartic Phone. These attacks appear to be part of a targeted campaign being run by alt-right people on forum sites aiming to get marginalized streamers banned and cause other chaos within their communities.

Vtbuer Aspen Frost posted a thread explaining an incident she had while streaming with a friend where these attackers “flooded” the stream and both streamers’ Discord servers, where they posted gore and other extreme content. The thread also included a screenshot of a forum site where the trolls appear to be organizing these attacks.

According to the screenshot Aspen Frost posted, the game plan for these attacks is as follows: “Look for the following tags: trans, autistic, LGBT, Vtuber. Always remember to report after chudding it up. Check Twitter after getting a streamer banned.”

Multiple other streamers and Vtubers within Frost’s replies noted that they had similar experiences while playing social games like Jackbox Party Packs or Gartic Phone. They also reported instances of trolls posting gore in their chats to try to get them banned, flooding Discord servers with similar content, hacking clients, and even trying to dox or swat people.

Some have recommended that streamers in the target demographics either completely avoid the Jackbox category on Twitch or use the “Just Chatting” one to hopefully help avoid being targeted by these people. Other ways streamers can try to shore up their defenses are to change the settings within their community Discord servers to prevent new members from posting images or anything else until they’ve been manually vetted, and using bots like the one from SeryCodes which autobans known bots and and sets up email and phone verification for your chats.

Streamers on Twitch have been dealing with hate raids and other similar issues for a long time now. The company has promised to make changes and improvements while providing some current solutions, but in the meantime as those are being developed, marginalized streamers are still being targeted.

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