Thursday, April 18, 2024
Streamer Spotlight

Streamer Spotlight: Eldifice

Elliot, a.k.a. Eldifice is a content creator, visual artist and if their Twitter bio is to be believed, a 424 digital vampire! When they aren’t making all that good content, they create YouTube videos and stream on Twitch.

In our latest Streamer Spotlight, sponsored by Sneak, we got to chat with them about how they got into streaming, vampires, and a whole lot more!

How did you get into video games/streaming?

I think I was about 5 or 6 when I was begging my older siblings to let me have a go on Simpsons Hit & Run, and the love of games just flourished from there! As for streaming I can’t even remember how I got the idea to try it, but I’m super impulsive with a tendency to hyperfixate… So within an hour of thinking about streaming I’d already started planning a rebuild of my PC. I’d tried doing ‘Lets Plays’ on YouTube in the past when I was about 13, so I figured I could apply the same logic to streaming and just got to researching!

What is your favorite thing to stream?

I hate to say this but… honestly? Apex Legends. I just find that it’s a good balance of stuff to talk about in the game and space between action to have conversations with chat. This is closely followed by Tetris 99 for the pure chaos of it.

What can people expect from your stream?

I always aim for a safe and inclusive place, but with high energy and chaos. I love watching a cozy stream, but I think it’s good for us to have inclusive spaces which are more upbeat and FPS focused too! I’m also only good at Apex 30% of the time so you never really know what’s going to happen.

Headshot of Eldifice in a black corset and high necked shirt with poofy sleeves
How has your experience as an out LGBTQ+ streamer been?

Really good, honestly! I’ve had the odd troll and hate raid, but I found my people pretty early on and developed a really friendly (albeit misfit) community. It’s nice to see people sticking up for each other and encouraging self expression. Plus I’ve met lots of like-minded friends!

What do you do outside of streaming?

Well I have a new hobby every 3 months, but I’m currently working on YouTube stuff! It’s a lot of DIYing and alternative fashion things (for example I recently learned how to make chainmail lmao) – what can I say, I’m a sucker for aesthetics. I also hang out with my adopted rabbit son, Leonardo Da Rabbito.

What do you enjoy the most about streaming?

Not to sound pretentious or anything but that it’s almost like a creative expression? It’s really fun to play around with overlays and different ways to entertain an audience – plus developing your confidence in front of the camera is really valuable! Because of streaming I’ve gained the confidence to express myself more and care less about what people’s opinions of me are.

What about vampires is so appealing to you/your brand?

Honestly, I just grew up reading Vampire Knight and the Twilight series. As I’ve grown up though I’ve developed a love of wearing weird (by modern standards) clothes, and like to think of my style as that of a vampire who has collected items of clothing from different time periods. It’s just a fun aesthetic thing, but spooky alternative content in general is always very fun and nostalgic to me! Plus vampires are hot.

What have you learned about yourself through streaming?

That I am actually pretty creative. I’ve always had imposter syndrome about that kind of thing but seeing people being interested in me and the hobbies I’ve been getting up to is really nice and validating!

What’s your main goal as a streamer for the future?

I got hit by burnout pretty hard last year, so I’d really like to maintain a healthier relationship with streaming and content creation in general so I can be more consistent with it!

What are you looking forward to most this year?

Hmmm… I’m excited to continue making stuff! As much as the mental block of doing it scares me I know I’ll end up enjoying whatever I create, so I’m excited to get to it!

To find out more about Eldifice, head on over to their Twitch channel.

Ty Galiz-Rowe

Ty is a freelance games writer and esports expert.