Monday, July 15, 2024

McDonalds teases an Overwatch 2 collab

Overwatch 2 may have only just released last week, but that hasn’t stopped the game from already having big names behind it – with one such name being fast-food business, McDonalds. Now let’s be honest, who saw that collaboration coming?

On Twitter today, McDonalds Australia posted a teasing tweet that featured Overwatch 2’s logo with the caption ‘coming soon’. What that actually means is anyone’s guess, but if we had to give a cheeky estimate, we’d say that there may be new promotional items from McDonalds heading to Overwatch 2 sometime in the future. Big Mac Bastion, anyone?

Alternatively, there may be something from the game heading to the restaurant’s menu in the form of a Happy Meal toy. It wouldn’t be the first time that the fast-food business has done something like this, just cast your mind back to the whole Rick and Morty’s Szechuan sauce incident of 2017.

We also don’t know if the collaboration will take place at McDonalds all over the world, or just Australia. As of writing this article, neither McDonalds UK nor McDonalds US have mentioned anything to do with the hero-shooter. Curious.

Outside of the hotly anticipated collaboration between two mega giants, Overwatch 2 has started its new lease of life on shaky ground. The hero-shooter has been plagued with issues, such as skins and previous gameplay stats not crossing over, hour-long queue times, and bugs that have made playing against certain heroes impossible. The state of the game has upset fans so much that it currently has a user Metacritic score of 1.4. Yikes, certainly not the happy meal that Activision Blizzard was looking for.

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