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5 incredible LGBTQ+ anime and manga you shouldn’t sleep on

We have access to a ton of anime and manga across the globe now thanks to the internet, localization (fan and official alike), and streaming services. But finding LGBTQ+ stories in manga and anime can still be difficult. To help make things easier, we’ve collected five that you definitely shouldn’t miss out on.

5 LGBTQ+ anime and manga you shouldn’t sleep on

To Strip the Flesh

In To Strip the Flesh, Chiaki Ogawa is a butcher who tries to be a good daughter to his sick father after his mother dies. But when he can no longer take it, he decides to remake himself in his own image and transition, finding the understanding of those who matter most along the way.

Sweet Blue Flowers

Sweet Blue Flowers is a yuri manga and anime series about two childhood friends who reconnect with each other in their first year of high school. As they rebuild their friendship, they weather the drama of high school and theater, along with new feelings and crushes.

Boys Run the Riot

Boys Run the Riot is a manga series about a high school student who realizes he’s transgender. Together with his new himbo friend, he starts a fashion brand in Tokyo. There is some pain and angst in this series, but that’s not the crux. Overall, it’s a joyful work about found family and chasing your dreams.


Given is a manga and anime series about two high school boys that make a connection through music. Ritsuka is a talented guitarist who plays in a band with two college students. Mafuyu, meanwhile, cannot play the guitar he carries around with him, but he becomes desperate for Ritsuka to teach him. The two form a special bond as they get to know each other and make music together, while Mafuyu learns to move on from a past tragedy.

My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness

My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness is an auto-biographical memoir manga by Kabi Nagata that explores her life and provides context for why she ultimately decided to lose her virginity to a female sex worker. The manga dives into Nagata’s explorations of her sexuality, her experiences growing up, and her challenges with mental health.

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