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Witchy Life Story offers tricks (and treats) this September

Witchy Life Story, a wholesome, visual novel with crafting elements from Sundew Studios, is set to release this September.

In this feel-good game, players take on the role as the youngest member of the von Teasel family – a family that prides itself on its illustrious and magical powers. Unfortunately you’re not seen in a favourable light thanks to your poor witch training. In fact, it’s your last chance to prove yourself to your grandmother, otherwise your witch training will be cancelled for good.

With you stuck in between a rock and a hard place, you (and your crow familiar, Ramsey) have no choice but to head to the small village of Flora to help the locals prepare their harvest festival and make it a success. If you fail, say goodbye to that witch training!

Proving yourself requires a lot of things: tending your garden to collect plants to use in magical recipes, and then using those rituals and experimentations to help the people of Flora in their lives – whether to cure a boil, solve back pain, ease anxiety, and the works. You can even perform tarot readings and lead guided meditations for the village, if that tickles your fancy.

Along the way, players will even get to meet a few people that stand out among the crowd, and even get to know them as more than friends. Overall, there are three romanceable characters, with each having unique traits and features.

Witchy Life Story also allows you to design your witch, with a ton of customization options which can be used regardless of your pronouns. Something as silly as gender won’t prevent you from looking your best in the village of Flora. Regardless of who you are, you’ll find a way to express yourself.

Those looking to embrace their inner witch will be able to do just that when Witchy Life Story releases on September 30 for PC.

Aimee Hart

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