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VCT Game Changers cwaudiia allegations explained

Content warning for discussion of sexual assault

On Wednesday evening, the North American Valorant Champions Tour Twitter account posted a statement regarding allegations that recently came up against former Ariana Grande Perfume player and VCT Game Changers participant Claudia “cwaudiia”.

“Riot Games has concluded its investigation of NA Game Changers participant, ‘cwaudiia.’ At this time, Riot cannot make a conclusion based on the evidence provided, and reserves the right to reopen the case should legal action be taken.”

VCT Game Changers cwaudiia allegations explained

The statement is vague and doesn’t really explain what cwaudiia was accused of, or detail the evidence that was presented to Riot. Despite this, both parties involved have made statements with their version of events, including screenshots meant to corroborate their stories.

According to a TwitLonger posted by Lorelai, the accuser, cwaudiia and “someone close to her” sexually assaulted Lorelai during a trip to Miami in May. She said that they drank every day during the trip and that on the night of May 25 she drank way too much, which was used to assault her.

“On the night of May 25th I had drank way too much. I could barely walk straight and everything was blurry. During the night I can’t remember if Claudia led me into the room or if I was already laying in bed half asleep,” Lorelai wrote. “I felt my underwear being pulled off as I was laying there. Once I began to feel it and realized what was happening I had said to stop multiple times which he responded to it by pushing my head down into the pillow and told me to ‘take it’. Claudia sitting right beside me watching everything happen, didn’t stop him once nor did she say anything.”

Lorelai included a screenshot of a text message she said cwaudiia sent to her roommate five days after the incident, asking for Lorelai to get a pregnancy test and questioning if she would use a pregnancy to “trap” the man involved.

Cwaudiia posted her own TwitLonger denying these allegations. In her account of the night in question, she, her boyfriend, and Lorelai had a consensual threesome after discussing relationships and sex. Cwaudiia said that there were no signs that Lorelai was drunk and that she removed her clothing herself. She also accused Lorelai of trying to steal her boyfriend after the sexual encounter.

“The topic of relationships comes up since she was talking to a guy and we were asking her how it was going. The topic about kinks comes up where Lorelei proceeds to explain she’s into CNC [consensual non-consent] and wants a ‘knife held to her throat’, which is something we weren’t in to. She wasn’t stumbling her words or showing any sign of her drinking. I asked Lorelei if she’d want to join us sometime and she gave a giggle and said ‘maybe’. We continue talking about our relationship still and how we’re comfortable with each other and her. I asked her later and she said ‘yes’ and got up onto the bed and took her own pants off.”

As evidence, cwaudiia included a link to a Dropbox folder that contains screenshots of text messages, along with screenshots of what she says is Lorelai’s private Twitter account, and her own documentation of psychological treatment due to being sexually assaulted and abused as a child.

Ty Galiz-Rowe

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