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The Naarm Melbourne Queer Games Festival kicks off in December

The Queer Games Festival in Naarm Melbourne, Australia will take place starting December 6, 2022. Developers of LGBTQ+ games from all over the world are allowed and encouraged to participate. Entry into the festival is free, and submissions close on September 30.

“Our lofi volunteer festival is open to ALL developers of LGBTIQ video games from ALL OVER THE WORLD,” The Queer Games Festival wrote on Twitter. “Big games, small games, fun games, serious games, trash games. Every game gets showcased.”

The Queer Games Festival is a lofi, volunteer run event meant to highlight games from LGBTQ+ developers. The event seeks to “inform, entertain and challenge LGBTIQ players by reflecting their lives in games” and to “bring the best of world queer culture to Melbourne and to connect international and Australian game developers.”

This year’s event will also include the Queer Games Festival Emerging Developer Award. Festival organizers will award one developer a $500 USD cash prize, which they sourced internally from the festival’s volunteers. They love LGBTQ+ games and wanted to provide something extra for this year’s event.

Developers from all over the world can submit their games to be part of TGF in Naarm Melbourne, Australia until September 30. The festival, which will take place digitally, kicks off on December 6. Players and developers can check out last year’s showcase in the archive still.

Ty Galiz-Rowe

Ty is a freelance games writer and esports expert.