Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Kitsune Zero is now available on Steam

On Monday, Kitusune Tails prequel Kitsune Zero launched on Steam as downloadable content for electoral activism platformer Super Bernie World – which has been downloaded by over 350,000 people – and as a standalone product on itch.io. Developer Kitsune Games and publisher MidBoss have partnered to make this release possible.

“We’re very excited to bring two universes we love dearly together,” said Eniko Fox, co-founder, Kitsune Games. “With Kitsune Tails on the horizon and Super Bernie World remembered fondly, it’s been exciting to combine the old with the new!”

The original four worlds of Super Bernie World are now set in the Kitsune Tails universe with this DLC update. The DLC itself contains eight new worlds for players to explore as Yumi, the fox spirit. Inspired by classic platformers, Kitsune Zero allows players to jump, dash, and gather power-ups that give Yumi the ability to grow bigger, throw fireballs, and become temporarily invincible. Yumi can hop, dash, and stomp her way through Japanese Edo period-inspired enemies, and find other creatures inspired by Japanese folklore. The fox spirit can also find secret bonus worlds hidden throughout the game.

Kitsune Zero has story sequences narrated by Sean Chiplock, a voice actor whose credits include The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Genshin Impact, Marvel’s Avengers, and more in anime and gaming. The game’s voice cast also includes Michele Knotz, who voiced Misty, May, and Jessie in the English Pokémon anime dub.

Though this DLC is a paid add-on, players who have verified speedruns of Super Bernie World prior to Kitsune Zero’s release will be able to get a free key for the content. According to the press release, players with verified speedruns can do this by contacting the moderator Chounard. Otherwise, the DLC content is $4.99 on Steam and itch.io.

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