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Jamie Clayton looks good in Hulu’s Hellraiser

On Thursday, transgender actress Jamie Clayton shared the first official picture of her look as the iconic Hell Priest Pinhead in Hulu’s Hellraiser reboot. The movie – which releases on October 7 – appears to be trying to balance the infamy of Pinhead’s look with a fresh take on the franchise.

Director David Bruckner is adamant that this isn’t a remake of the original Hellraiser. Instead, he told Entertainment Weekly that it’s a new story within the larger world of the franchise. This story follows a character named Riley (played by Odessa A’zion).

“It’s the tale of a young woman, who’s struggling with addiction and compulsive behavior, that comes in contact accidentally with the box and unfortunately begins to dabble with it,” Bruckner told Entertainment Weekly. “And chaos ensues.”

From the neck up, Clayton’s is the standard Pinhead look horror fans have come to know. The actress has a grid carved into the flesh of her head, with metal pins driven into her skull in the places where the grid intersects. Her eyes are bloodshot and dark. Clayton’s neck also seems to have most of the skin flayed away, leaving a criss-crossing pattern with muscle and an embedded golden coin above her clavicle.

The flaying thing seems to be a larger theme for the Cenobites in this take on the cult. Entertainment Weekly showed off a new cultist called “The Masque,” whose whole body has been mutilated in this way. Looking closely at this character definitely requires a content warning, as it’s gruesome, to say the least. The Masque’s skin has been peeled back from their body in multiple areas and re-sown onto different areas to create a macabre costume. This is a bit of a shift from the Cenobites we’re used to, who wear a lot of bondage and fetish wear. Bruckner’s Cenobites appear to be taking things to a higher level of body horror.

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