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Can you be gay in Wylde Flowers?

After playing so many hours of Wylde Flowers, it’s easy to sum up my impression of the farming life sim is a game that allows the player to relish nature, farming and magic, all while thriving as a cottagecore bisexual. With that in mind, you probably already know the answer to ‘can you be gay in Wylde Flowers?

In Wylde Flowers you play as Tara Wylde, a city girl who moves to the countryside after she loses both her job and her partner. She also moves to look after her ill grandmother, the two of them having been estranged after the death of Tara’s grandfather.

During her new adventure, Tara discovers that the town of Fairhaven isn’t as simple as it may look. There’s a mystery to the island, and it’s up to Tara to uncover it.

But she won’t be alone on her journey. There are plenty of romance options for her to choose from – or not, friendship is just as rewarding in this game – but… are there any options that are queer?

Wylde Flowers gay
The real magic is the art of bisexuality
Can you be gay in Wylde Flowers?

Not only can you grow fruit, but you can also be a fruit in Wylde Flowers.

Yes indeed, there are a great selection of romance options for Tara. Two of these options are female, Amira and Giva, and there is also a non-binary option with Kim. The rest of her options all identify as male.

However, what really makes Tara stand out as a character, is that the player is able to shape her sexual identity through dialogue choices. These choices are then remembered and referenced on in the story and during conversations between Tara and the residents of Fairhaven, so while you might not think your choices matter, they do!

For example, during a conversation with Tara and Hazel Wylde, the older woman asks to know more about Tara’s previous life in the city. Players are given the option to tell their grandma more about their partner, who can be male, female, or non-binary, an option that is then locked in whenever talk about your romantic life in the city comes up.

This wedding will make you cry and no I’m not kidding

But it isn’t just Tara that can express their queerness in this game. One of the first few residents you meet is Angus and Francis, a baker and a jeweller who actually have their two shops right next to one another. It’s made obvious pretty early on that the two are together, and because Fairhaven is an inclusive place, everyone is very excited for the two’s upcoming wedding. Players can even become involved to help make their wedding rings in a cute side-quest.

Amira, Fairhaven’s doctor, makes some flirtaitious remarks towards some of the women in the game, as well as Kim, the non-binary butcher. There’s also a few conversations you can have with both Kim and Giva, where the both of them express how their gender and sexuality has impacted their relationship with their friends and family. It’s pretty darn wholesome.

But one of the best scenes in Wylde Flowers is when you talk to Angus and Kim about the possibility of a Fairhaven Pride. It’s a really small moment, but it showcases Wylde Flowers’ ability to include queerness and inclusivity within its world.

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